Saturday, August 24, 2019

Working on the Farmhouse - Putting Up Siding

Today might have been the third or fourth day this year that I've done any construction work on the house. That wasn't the plan this spring when I was hoping to pick up where I left off last fall and finish up some of the major jobs.

The farm is my priority. I like that work, it's more interesting to me. Construction is something I've done a lot of and doesn't offer anything new. Well, aside from a habitable house.

I'll mention this here as well - Living "out in the middle of nowhere" has it's disadvantages. One of them is that there aren't a lot of carpenter/contractors floating around available to do work. I end up doing it myself.

Putting up new building felt/tar paper on the second story of the south facade, then topping that with 1" rigid polyiso insulation was the job. I used the boom lift as well as a couple extension ladders. My dad went up, briefly, in the boom lift to help put up some long strips of felt. Working around the power line, even when it's disconnected, made it hard to maneuver the lift, so things take a bit of time. I hope to finish the insulation tomorrow. Then it's time to put up the siding.

Once the south facade is finished I have 5 more windows to make openings for in the old frame and install the windows. I need to strip two layers of old siding off of the second story (east and north sides) and then put up polyiso insulation there as well as new siding.

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