Friday, April 17, 2020

New Equipment

Here are the new pieces of equipment that I recently bought. I still have a few more to get. A gravity box/seed tender. Three headers for the combine: corn, beans, and pick-up head for grain. Header carts for the corn and bean heads. Maybe a new grain cart.

Most of this will eventually be stored/over wintered in the new 50' x 80' pole barn that should start being built in 6 weeks.

2007 Deere 9560 STS Combine

Deere 9560

John Deere 590 Pull Behind Swather

2011 Krause 8200 Disc Harrow - 25'

Krause 8200 Disc. Case 7140 and Ford F-250 in background

2019 Hatzenbichler Tine Weeder - 30'. M&W 1815 Rotary Hoe in background

I bought a second Deere RM6 row cultivator. It's the one closest to the camera in the pic above and is in better shape than the first one I had. A couple reasons for having two. One is that new replacement parts are expensive and used are hard to find, short of buying the whole thing. With two of the same model I can "borrow" parts from one to get the other to work. More importantly is that I can adjust one cultivator to cut closer to the row and the other one to stay away from the crop I'm cultivating. They are time consuming to adjust.

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