Thursday, February 4, 2021

New (to me) Tractor: Deere 7220 with 741 Loader

This tractor will be replacing two other tractors that weren't quite up to the jobs that I need to get done. It will also act as a back up tractor for planting and tillage. I bought it through TractorHouse from a farmer in Fulda, MN.

(Click on any picture to make it bigger.)

I'm having it trucked up here today. Getting it unloaded tomorrow morning - in these conditions (snow, 25 mph wind, icy road, 5ยบ temps) - along with the unattached duals, bucket, and pallet forks, is going to be a challenge.  Especially since the trucker won't be able to drive the 1/4 mile down our dead end road, as the snow/ice make it impossible for him to turn around. So I'll need to walk down to the end of the road, unload the "extras" onto the road, then use the loader to take them one at a time back to the shed. 

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