Monday, March 29, 2021

Time to Sell the Boom Lift - (updated: the online auction will be May 17, 2021)

 It's a 2006 Genie Z45/25 with ~4550 hours. I had the local Genie shop repair several things on it last spring - injectors, muffler, cam sensor - see the work order below. I haven't used it much, though it was invaluable when I did, so I think it's time to sell it to free up money and space for other equipment.

The money I've spent on repairs, as well as the potential loss from selling it, is probably about what I would have spent to rent one.  On the positive side, I've learned a bit about a different kind of equipment and gone a long way toward overcoming my fear of heights.


The above work order took about $1800 to clear up. Aside from the small leak in the timing cover gasket, things seem to be running as they should.

One of the few jobs involving the boom lift that I filmed was taking down the old farmhouse chimney.  You can see that, here.

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