Thursday, April 28, 2022

Grain Bin Pad is Almost Finished

It's been cold and wet, pushing back the construction of the grain bin by several weeks. Today they finished building the pad; the last step is for them to excavate part of the new pad for the new bin foundation and then top the whole thing off with rocks/gravel.

I hope that they can pour the concrete soon, with the metal bin put up soon after.

This far north bin pads are "floating" rather than having a foundation that goes down below the frost line, which in this area is about six and a half feet. This saves quite a bit on concrete and excavating costs but means that the underlying soil needs to be well drained and compacted. In this case there's about 7' of sand/fill added to most of the bin pad (55' x 120'), as well as 3-4' of sand added to a low lying area that crosses the access road to our neighbors property. I'm using the same road to get to both the bin area and my new shed, so I wanted to make sure it was well built. To that end they put in about 60' of culvert to drain water under the road.


(Click on any picture to make it bigger.)

Looking north.

Looking west.
Looking southwest.

The videos below are from the last two days of the pad's construction. Here's a link to some of the videos from earlier stages of construction, which I posted almost 5 weeks ago.

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