Monday, August 1, 2022

Pouring Concrete Pad for the New Grain Bin

It's good to see some movement on this project. My dad was out there as well and we chatted a bit while I filmed.

The concrete will cure for a short time and then another crew should be here to put up the bin. It will be a 36 ft. diameter, 34 ft. tall Sukup bin with a full air floor. There will be an elevated unloading auger, a power sweep inside, stairs on the outside leading to the top of the roof, an electric grain spinner, sensors to control moisture hooked up to the fan. A 20 hp motor on the fan. The new 600 amp electric service is hooked up, and is visible in the background of the screenshot of the video shown below. 

I decided to wait until prices were at all time highs before getting this thing built.   

: ) 

To date it's been almost 3 years since we first started talking about putting up the bin.

You can see what I've written about it so far, here.

I've run about 300 feet of water hose out there and will be watering it a couple times a day to help the concrete cure properly; basically as slow as possible.

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