Sunday, June 21, 2020

Row Cultivating Soybeans

Because I had the row cleaners on the planter too low, the beans were planted in a trench, making it impossible for the tine weeder to reach down in around the beans. I'm fixing that mistake by row cultivating very slow and burying any small weeds in the row of beans by covering the lower part of the bean with soil.

The glare from the sun made it impossible to see what I was shooting as I was doing it. I'm surprised the video turned out as well as it did. One thing that didn't come across is that the top of the beans is about an inch or two below the top of the dirt in between the rows. That's what I was trying to show, unsuccessfully, with my hand at the beginning.

Unfortunately my camera lost focus when I zoomed in. I got the cultivator just set right, going the right speed, to get the right amount of dirt to flow up against the sides of the bean plant. The idea is to bury any little weeds that I couldn't get with the tine weeder because I inadvertently planted my beans at the bottom of a shallow trench. (my row cleaners on the planter were too low.)

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