Sunday, June 21, 2020

Tine Weeding 2" Tall Soybeans

The main use of this tool is to get rid of any weeds smaller than the beans that are *in* the row of the crop without damaging the tiny cash crop. (more info here - It also does a great job of removing the little weeds in between the rows. 

I planted these organic beans 1.75" deep (Viking O1202-N) on June 1st and 2nd. Before they emerged I did the first pass with the weeder on June 5th - shown here I tine weeded them a second time, as shown in this video, June 17th. 

I set the angle of the tines about mid way on the "aggressiveness" angle. I also could only go about 3.5 mph. Any faster or more aggressive I start burying or tearing out too many beans. This ground has traditionally been very weedy. 

Every year I've done something long termish to try and reduce the weed pressure. I want to think I'm seeing an improvement year to year. It's going to be rainy for a week. Once it dries out I'll row cultivate them.

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