Friday, November 12, 2021

Chisel Plow Row Unit Repair

One of the shanks on the Ford Model 131 chisel plow hit a big buried rock that the "safety" spring on the row unit couldn't deal with. The result was that the bracket that holds the shank to the toolbar was torn apart. This post shows how I fixed that.

(Click on any image to make it bigger.)

I do repairs like this in my down time. I take a lot of satisfaction from pulling them off; even better is that I can see the results immediately, not like the time frame of planting and harvesting. Its nice to have a balance of the two.

Below is the first of four very short videos showing the repair done to the chisel plow.

The other three can be found here.

This past summer I pressure washed and then sprayed a coating of primer on the plow. Next year I'll spray it with the Ford "blue" paint. The crowd in the cheap seats says it doesn't make it work any better. My reply to that is that it makes me feel better. If I only do things that "work" life is pretty bleak.

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