Saturday, November 13, 2021

Update on Cover Crop after the Spring Wheat

 The (food grade, organic) wheat was harvested by Aug 19th. We disc ripped the ground to alleviate compaction/hardpan; picked up the large rocks that were pulled up; ran the disc over the big ruts made by the ripper, and drilled in a cover crop of Austrian winter peas, tillage radish, turnip, sunflower, sorghum sudan, as well as the volunteer wheat that was blown out of the combine.

(Click on image to make it bigger.)

This is a nice picture, though not representative of the field(s). The brassicas are thriving here, I'm guessing because of increased fertility. I also had problems getting the cover crop mix, with its various sized seeds, to flow evenly through the grain drill. This led to an uneven stand. The short, yellowing brassicas in the rest of the field make me think I'm missing some nutrients.

Next year this ground will be in organic soybeans.

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  1. Will be interested in the effect the radishes and turnips have on the compaction issue.