Monday, July 13, 2020

Row Cultivating Organic Soybeans, Third Pass

I've owned this field for 5 years and it has always had heavy weed pressure - foxtail, thistle, pigweed, lambsquarters. With my crop rotation I've been able to reduce the weeds by about 75%, but it's still a challenge. I tined weeded this twice, at the "right" times, but still have some weeds in the row. They will go to seed.

I would like to modify my cultivator for next year by adding two more sweeps on each row tool bar,/tube for a total of 5. Even with wider sweeps on the three existing shanks I don't get enough coverage.

Next year this will be in oats, underseeded with alfalfa.

For this pass the cultivator sweeps that are closest to the plant are about 10" apart, as I don't want to get too close to the roots. The 1st 2 passes those sweeps were 5" apart. Going as fast as I am (4.8 mph), autosteer is a must.

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