Saturday, November 27, 2021

Last Video on the Cover Crop

 We've had a couple of cold nights, with temps in the low teens (ºF), which has probably killed off most of the growth in the cover crop that I drilled over 3 months ago. This ground had been used to grow an organic food grade hard red spring wheat, which was harvested mid-August. We then disc-ripped the wheat stubble and drilled in a cover crop of radish, turnip, winter pea, sunflower, sorghum sudan and volunteer wheat. The idea is to keep a living root in the ground as long as possible, which ultimately will build up the soil, and at the same time use those roots (and the disc-ripper) to help break up a hard pan/compaction layer that was allowing foxtail to thrive.

I was passing by the group of fields that I filmed for an earlier post and made the following video.

Next spring this ground will have turkey litter spread on it and then planted with organic soybeans.

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  1. Thanks, Bruce, for bringing us up to date. It would have been interesting to see the size of the radish if you were able to pull it out.