Saturday, July 9, 2022

More Carl

 Part of our daily routine. In the morning he lays there until I come over and show some love. Eventually he gets up, coming into the kitchen to eat the apple core left over from the oatmeal I make.

 [[[ To Carl's anonymous fan from the last post: We see you - love right back at ya!  ]]]

And for those of you out there who are waiting to hear more complaints from me about problems on the farm, not to worry! There are several videos just waiting to be uploaded.

But not right now. It's nice out. After the last two [long] days bouncing around in the tractor while row cultivating, I can take a day off and do maintenance on equipment. Take extended coffee breaks. Act like an "employee". Post videos of my dog online.

 ¡Adios chicos!  Nos vemos la próxima vez.



  2. Still a good dog, Carl...

  3. That phrase gave your secret away!