Monday, April 26, 2021

Hurry Up and Wait

 We're so close to getting this organic spring wheat in the ground. Two days ago we starting taking equipment and seeds the twelve miles to the fields, but it started to rain, making it impossible to continue. It's been a couple of days of light rain, with up to 1/3 inch tomorrow, but then there should be 3-4 days of sun and temps in the mid 60s, which should give us a chance to drill the wheat.

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The wheat will be underseeded with Berseem clover via the grass seed box on the drill.
To give you a rough idea of our plans: The approximately 15,000 lbs (or 250 bushels) of wheat seeds should yield around 225,000 lbs (3,750 bushels) of wheat at harvest. We're planting the "Bolles" variety which will give us the best chance of making "food" grade, for which we'll get paid a premium above the "feed" grade. I wrote more on that here.

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